There are very few things in this world that can't be made better with a little cake.



When it came time to find my own wedding cake provider, I came across the same 3 issues with nearly every location.

1) Boring Cake designs with no options  for creativity

2) Seriously Over Priced goods

3) Dry Flavorless Cake with Greasy Icing

So I decided to make my own cake that fit my style, budget and had the quality I was searching for. Now I want to help other who have those same values in mind.   

We believe in ALL love no matter what form it comes in.

We create modern and chic cake designs that fit your style and personality.

We will NEVER overcharge.

And we will never sacrifice flavor for over the top design elements. 

We want your guests to be asking for the recipe and taking home the extras at the end of your event!