How Much Cake do we need?

Pictured here are the serving size guides we use to calculate which cake tier sizes you need to feed the correct amount of guests. 

For large events over 150 people, when sheet cakes or tiered cakes are chosen, we like to use the 2/3rds guest list to estimate your servings. This takes into account people that don't RSVP, people who just don't eat cake, or an overly cautious cake cutter.  This means if 250 people were invited, you should plan for just over 200 servings.

However, with cupcakes, many people like to take more than 1 so sticking to a higher number may be a better idea. 

For weddings, couples receive a free 4" or 6" keeper cake which does not count towards total cake servings.

If there is no simple way to reach your specific serving need, extra servings will still need to be paid for.

Our wedding Sheet cakes have more servings because they are layered and filled with buttercream. For other events, the Party Sheet Cake servings differ based off of your own piece size preference. 


Other available pan options

Layer shapes can be mixed and matched to create specific design elements.

We have sets in